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Black Cocker Spaniel

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Come on in today and see why Auntie Jayne's is the best dog groomer in Salt Lake City. Your pet will love our grooming service and walk out feeling fresh and invigorated. A special tenderhearted touch is Auntie Jayne's secret ingredient, bringing out the best in your dog or cat. Regular dog grooming can help with shedding problems, clumping, matting fur, and yes of course smell. Fur around the pads of the feet can cause some dog breeds traction problems on slippery floors like hardwood or linoleum. Auntie Jayne's expert grooming service can help out, giving your pet more control. Nails are filed smooth using a dremel to help prevent nail splitting, which can be painful. Perhaps even more important than that, a skilled and thorough groomer can often spot problems that your regular ear scratching might miss.

If your pet is in need of a grooming,please call the shop to schedule an appointment at 801-565-1777. We are currently booked out till mid-February, and we can also place you on our cancellation list if anything opens up sooner.

We are so proud to announce that "AUNTIE JAYNE’S 2012 PET CALENDARS" ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!! All proceeds will be donated to NO MORE HOMELESS PETS OF UTAH to help out their cause. All calendars are $20.00, cash or check, and are available Tuesday-Saturday 8:00am -5:30 pm during regular business hours.

We would like to thank all our clients, and their beautiful pets, for the most wonderful calendar ever created by a grooming shop. And we would also like to thank STEWART-STUDIOS for the great job designing this once in a lifetime project. So, who would have thought that 12,000 pictures, and one year later would help out so many pets. So please stop by and purchase a calendar today, to make this a better year,for those pets that are in need. So happy new year to all, and let’s make 2012 the best it can be.

- Auntie Jayne’s Groomerie.